I noticed some time ago that I have a knack for writing. It’s not that I consider myself a writer, or exceptionally talented. It’s just that when I write, I am different. I’m something I like, something I want to be. I’d like to believe that I’m a competent speaker as well. But when I write, my thoughts are more fluid and sometimes words come to my mind that I didn’t even know were in my dictionary. It all makes so much sense. It defines me and represents me, in a true and vivid way.

I actually have a blog where I review films. It is in fact through that blog that I discovered this about myself. I realized that what I write, or more importantly, what I think, is worth reading. And often thoughts come to me that cannot be ranted off on a film blog, and consequently this blog has emerged. Its sole purpose is to give my thoughts a virtual space to exist.

Welcome, and enjoy your stay.